About us

One to One Development Trust is an award-winning arts organisation that uses digital media to work with communities to produce innovative and immersive projects using everything from filming-making through to Virtual Reality

One to One has a strong track record of instigating, facilitating, and delivering successful projects including the development of films, apps, websites, and interactive media. Since 2014 we have won or been shortlisted for over 20 international awards through our in-house games studio Dreaming Methods.

Our funders, clients and partners include national cultural organisations, local authorities, universities, museums, professional sports clubs, voluntary sector organisations and international NGOs. In an era where technology changes so rapidly, One to One helps partners/clients embrace digital technologies for realistic costs, with ensured ongoing support and commitment. As a registered charity profits we make are invested back into our delivery of local community arts projects.

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"One to One are such lovely genuine bunch of people, it's been a real pleasure working with them and seeing their exciting projects bloom."
Charlotte Blacker – Animator

Who we are

One to One Development Trust is led by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell working with an established team of highly skilled freelancers and associates


Judi Alston

Creative Director and CEO

Judi is the founder of the organisation having set it up after graduating from Bretton Hall college (University of Leeds) with a Combined Arts degree. Judi has a track record spanning 30 years as a documentary film director, producer, camera person and editor. Her film credits/awards extend across a wide range of commissions including television, artists film, charity and public-sector.

She is an experienced workshop leader and facilitator working with groups of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. With a community focused creative approach, Judi often works with marginalised or underrepresented communities to help them have a voice, up-skill, and make transformative change. Through narrative games and digital storytelling she has developed her interests and talents as a writer and digital artist drawing on her experiences of working internationally and with often marginalised communities. Judi is passionate about people and places particularly with emphasis on cultural heritage, health & wellbeing, and storytelling.


Andy Campbell

Digital Director

Andy specialises in the design and construction of websites, digital archives, apps, video games and Virtual Reality experiences. He has over 20 years experience as a digital artist, designer and programmer.

His work combining literature, games and immersive technologies has won multiple awards including the Tumblr International Prize for Digital Art, The Space Open Call Competition, 2nd place in the Robert Coover Award for Electronic Literature and a Visionary Design Award for Accessibility.

He is founder and lead writer/developer for Dreaming Methods, One to One’s award-winning in-house digital storytelling studio, and the lead developer of Inanimate Alice, an episodic work of digital fiction for young adults used extensively in multilingual education worldwide. 

One to One Development Trust is made up of a Board of Trustees each bringing a wealth of experience to the organisation. 

Glenn Guilliatt – Chair Person (Chartered Accountant)
Annie Robinson – Company Secretary (Mosaic artist, housing support officer)
Suzanne Gahlings – (Former Public Health Manager)
Christopher Selby – (Managing Director training/construction industry)

Our vision and values

Creativity can bring transformational change in people’s lives and communities


Our Vision

Art and technology offer an amazing potential for creative expression, giving global access to those voices sometimes not heard.

Our Purpose is achieved by:

  • Enhancing community spirit
  • Raising awareness and creating opportunities for cultural diversity, social inclusion, and education through film, game design, digital media and the arts
  • Promoting interaction and exchange between communities and different generations
  • Providing advice, opportunities, training and learning in creative and media skills
  • Pushing the creative boundaries of creative digital technologies

Our Values

Within all aspects of One to One Development Trust we aim to be:

  • open and inclusive
  • committed to equality, fairness, and access for all
  • mindful, sensitive, and respectful of people's needs
  • Striving for best practice and high production standards in all aspects of our work

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