Lives Lives

Wakefield Council believe that a diverse workplace is vital. Not only does this celebrate a wide range of characteristics including ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender, it encompasses significant factors that include personality, background, interests, hobbies, talents, abilities, and experiences. Attracting, retaining and motivating a diverse workforce is key to delivering our future ambitions for our district and supporting the Council’s desire to recognise and celebrate the district’s rich cultural diversity.

One to One Development Trust are working with Wakefield Council to gather and record participants stories for ‘Lived Lives: The stories that make us’ a powerful collection of lived experience stories told through podcasts from people whose voices are often underrepresented, including employees from ethnic minorities, employees with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ employees and working carers.

The Council are using these stories to develop our practices and understanding of the diverse communities within Wakefield. Every story is a unique and powerful reflection of the lived experience of our staff. We are using these stories to support the training and development of staff, the creation of inclusive policies and to understand how to serve all of the communities across the district.

A Selection of Lived Lives Stories

Lived Lives #1

boot about to stomp on the word stereotype

As a white cis-gendered woman I would say overall that my identity and others like it are tolerated and even celebrated. However, I seem to be afforded more respect and understanding than other members of the wider LGBTQIA+ community.

Recorded by an actor using contributors’ own words.

Lived Lives #2


On the back of the Black Lives Matter movement, the BAME group gained more momentum... I thought it would be good for me to at least attend and share some of my knowledge and experience, hopefully to help shape other BAME people's futures in the council- the next generation or the generation after that, so that when they come into the council it's a better experience for them.

Interview with Gareth recorded on the phone.

Lived Lives #6


The council set groups up, we had a lot of disabled people coming to the meetings, we just got involved in having our voices heard when it comes to policies and procedures, our opinions were listened to and then we found that people were actually coming to us for advice.

Interview with Steve recorded on the phone.