Old Ryhill Church School, Cemetery Road

The old Ryhill Church School opened in 1877 on cemetery lane. The building was demolished in the mid 20th century after being a youth club for many years, although many people from the village still remember the school as it used to be. Mr Henry Perry Reed was headteacher at the school between 1886 – 1916 who’s photo you can see attached…

Janet Crossland, born in Ryhill in 1936, attended the school and has fond memories of her father performing in the school pantomime. It was put on to raise funds and was very popular. Janet was born and grew up on Cemetery Road which she recalls as a great area for playing out. Whenever the weather was nice her and a large group of friends would play cricket. Even the parents would join in, although they all regularly got told off by sleeping miners who were working night shifts!

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