900 Voices

Category: All       ClientNenescape and Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT)      Date: January – December 2018

900 Voices is a digital arts/archive projected funded through Heritage Lottery and delivered by One to One Development Trust for Nenescape.

We have created an online archive that brings together information and resources about the River Nene between Peterborough and Northampton. The archive was ‘made live’ in December 2018, launched with a digital art installation as a response to the project. 900 Voices gathered and produced stories, images, music, poems and films that relate to the River Nene. The aim was to create a ‘snapshot’ of what the River Nene means to people who live and work around it at this time in history.

Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme, is a partnership of organisations working together to raise the profile of the Nene Valley and has received Heritage Lottery funding for a five-year project. 900 Voices is one of the Nenescape projects and came about as part of Peterborough Celebrates 900, a significant anniversary for the Cathedral.

PECT added support to 900 Voices by awarding us an Arts Council commission so we could explore specific environmental issues linked to the heritage of the river and engage local groups and emerging artists.



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