All the Delicate Duplicates

An award-winning digital narrative that pushes the boundaries between literature and gaming

Category: Digital Storytelling       Client: The Space (BBC/Arts Council)       Date: 2016-2017

Written and developed by One to One’s Andy Campbell in collaboration with Australian digital artist/writer Mez Breeze, All The Delicate Duplicates is a work of fiction that narratively toys with the concept of time, offering a series of windows into the lives of its characters.

“All the Delicate Duplicates is the most compelling example of a literary game… It is precisely what emerging authors/artists in this space should be seeking to duplicate.”James O’Sullivan, Los Angeles Review of Books

Winner of the Tumblr International Prize for Digital Art and multiple industry awards in 2017 for experimental gameplay and storytelling (including Best Experimental Game at the Dundee Games Design Awards and Best Overall Game at Gamecity in Nottingham), All the Delicate Duplicates constructs a glimpsing storyworld where perceptions are stretched beyond the ‘real’ as you think you know it – exploring places where time no longer feels stable or linear.

All the Delicate Duplicates was developed through our in-house digital storytelling studio Dreaming Methods working with Mez Breeze Design. 

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