St Peter’s Church, Felkirk

Felkirk’s recorded history begins in 1120 when Swein, son of Ailric granted the ‘Church at Hoderode’ into the control of the monks at Nostell Priory. There is considered to have been a site of Christian worship on this land above the steam since Anglo Saxon times and throughout the Danelaw era. There is no actual village of Felkirk, in medieval time the Church was in the parish of Hoderode but the village became uninhabited by the middle ages and now only Hodroyd Hall commemorates it’s existence. The name Felkirk is clouded in mystery, but most historians consider it comes from Old Danish ‘fjol kirsche’ meaning plank church. Every 2nd Saturday the Elizabethan school room next to the church opens for a tea and coffee morning for 2 hours. St Peter’s church is nestled in beautiful Yorkshire countryside and makes a great end destination on a walk through Havercroft and down High Well Hill Lane past Hodroyd Hall. It’s the perfect place to sit and reflect in an area surrounded by peace and quiet.

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