Wakefield Story Trails – Questionnaire Visitor Feedback

We are gathering feedback from people who you have done these story trails or visited these sites. Your comments are important and will be used to help make these family attractions better. Please give as much info as you can and be honest.

1. When you arrived at the location how well advertised/ promoted was the trail, did you choose to go there because if the story trail?

2. What did you think to the Story Trail experience? (did you buy any guides, were they value for money, did you follow the trail?)

How important was the story and did it engage your child/ren and you?

What thoughts do you have about the artwork, and stopping points in the Trail – interesting, informative, imaginative, boring, not interesting, too many, not enough?

What would make this experience better for you and other families and why?

Just so we can see who’s visiting please can you fill in the following:

Thank you for your time - it's much appreciated! Please press send below.