Virtual Words - Twine Digital Storytelling Workshop
Peterborough Central Library

Interactive stories created during the two hour workshop for young people on 21st August 2018 - click the images to launch the stories! To view the digital art and writing created during the first Virtual Words workshop (Virtual Reality) on 14th August 2018 select here 

For Twine hints and tips from the Workshop, go here!

Test Subject 513 by Christopher

Call of Duty WW2 by Isaac

Harry Potter Rewritten by Megan

The Nightmare of the Cybermen by Robert

A Bad Day by Rudolf

The Metallic Invasion by Sam

The Hole in the Ground by William

Comments from the Workshop

"I would definitely do it again and I would love to write even more stories."

"It was great! I will definitely continue my story at home."

"It was exciting because I had never heard of this before. WAY more fun that normal writing."

"It was very interesting to make a kind of DYD story (Decide Your Destiny)."

"This session was fun, I would do it again. It is interesting to learn a different way to write stories and make them interactive." 

"I found this very fun. I would do it again - a fun way of writing stories."

"All the options are really fun!" 

"It was good because I learnt about a new website and how to do stuff on a computer."