Virtual Words - VR Workshop
Peterborough Central Library

Digital art and writing created during the Virtual Words workshop on 14th August 2018 at Peterborough Central Library. A group of young people worked with artists from One to One Development Trust to digitally paint a piece of Virtual Reality artwork inspired by their favourite books and films. To view the art works in Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard, visit this site on your mobile device and press on the pink shape in the corner of each piece. Then choose the Cardboard icon to switch to VR.

The Iron Throne by Emma

Original Sketch

"It's often considered that A Song of Ice and Fire is a response to the idealised fantasy of Tolkiens Middle Earth, adding grit and realism to a medieval fantasy setting where every character you meet is fundamentally flawed and vulnerable. In this way, it becomes uniquely gripping and utterly unafraid to add the most horrifying twists imaginable, and masterfully juxtaposes inspiring and empowering moments against hopeless and complete defeats. Plus, no matter what people tell you, the books are better than the TV show. The Iron Throne epitomises these themes, with a symbol of power twisted to celebrate death and defeat." - Emma

The Mouse by Jude

Original Sketch

"The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy is a bizarre funny SF book about an unlikely adventurer, Arthur Dent, who is about to have his house destroyed and along with his friend from Betelgeuse escapes the destruction of the Earth. Along with some friends they venture through space in a ship. The mice are intelligent beings according to the book - and experiment on humanity secretly." - Jude

Song of the Sea by Flora

Original Sketch

"I love the film The Song of the Sea as it has amazing illustrations and the storyline is mystical and adventurous. It is inspired by an Irish myth of a half-human, half-seal whose life depends on a coat." - Flora

Oh Bother! by Christopher

Original Sketch

"Pooh Bear finds a tree and smells honey in it (he loves honey) so he climbs into the tree. Unfortunately Pooh gets stuck in the tree and can't get out. I like this story because it's funny; all the others try to get him out, but they can't, until they all give one huge pull and eventually he pops out." - Christopher

Comments about the Workshop

"A rare and very enjoyable opportunity."

"Opened up a new avenue to explore - lots of fun to experiment with."

"I enjoyed watching the pieces come together. Simple ideas being painted into reality."

"Really fun and interesting."

"I enjoyed 'entering into a new world' and being able to make 3D drawings and experimenting with the brushes."

"It sort of felt like I was really there."

"Really fun and interesting."