What we offer

We want people to enjoy telling their stories and learning through a range of technologies and creative approaches

We love pushing boundaries in what we create and how we create it, so we always approach projects with a fresh energy. We have a strong interest and commitment in devising and delivering projects that promote cultural heritage, health and wellbeing, and digital storytelling. We also offer a range of bespoke digital training sessions and workshops on topics ranging from digital archiving to games design.


Film, Photography & Audio Production

We are passionate about film, photography, and audio for telling a good story creatively. With a strong vision for ideas and problem solving we adhere to high production standards and pay close attention to detail ensuring the message is right. Clients commission us to make films/podcasts to engage with communities, explore heritage, deliver health and well-being information and for research and evaluation. View examples of our film projects


Community Engagement

Community engagement is core to our creative practice, and we are very experienced at working at the grassroots with different communities, and people of all ages and abilities. Whether for a arts project, consultation, research or evaluation our people-focused approach is very hands on. View examples of our community engagement projects


Video Game and App Design

Creating imaginative online platforms, interactive games, and apps we engage people of all ages in interesting experiences. From promoting health messages through games on mobile devices through to Augmented Reality in historical and public settings, we use the technology to create fun, educational, informative applications. View examples of our video games and apps


Virtual Reality

Bringing the latest immersive Virtual Reality technology into the heart of creative projects, our approach focuses on the subject/community first, with the technology as the tool to deliver the message or experience to a very high standard. As well as delivering projects from inception to completion we can advise on digital strategy or processes. View examples of our Virtual Reality projects


Websites and Print

With over 20 years' experience designing websites and print, we're skilled at creating high-quality material with strong design and functionality. We love bringing brands to life or creating a new look for a project or organisation. We can work in a participatory way creating websites and print design through workshops, in community settings and in online sessions. View examples of our websites and print projects


Training and Workshops

We love working with people, inspiring positive change, and increasing learning opportunities. From running a consultation project through to delivering workshops, bespoke training packages and masterclasses, our team are skilled at working with individuals, groups, schools, and universities in all areas of digital media. Find out more about our training and workshops

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