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From the best and most effective new ways of working virtually to games design and digital archiving. We bring a friendly, down-to-earth and enthusiastic approach to online training - awesome techniques with fast and rewarding results and no technical jargon.

One to One Development Trust are currently delivering all workshops and training online via video streaming due to Covid-19


Digital Archiving DIY

If you're interested in how to create, process and store photography, video, audio and other types of digital media, you'll find this workshop extremely useful. From practical advice on kit such as cameras and hard drives through best practices on file formats to where to find robust free tools and software, this workshop covers all you need to know about digital archiving. See examples of our digital archiving projects 


Games Design (including Virtual Reality)

An introduction to games design with in Unity, one of the world's most powerful content creation tools. This workshop covers creating content for Virtual Reality (VR). Take a tour of Unity's interface and functionality, download a bundle of free assets, and then step-by-step build an amazing VR scene and step into it using your headset. View examples of our Virtual Reality projects


New Ways of Working

Covid-19 has changed the way we work and driven many of us to find solutions to our problems through technology - from conducting meetings via video conferencing to providing access to physical spaces through virtual museums and online '360 tours'. This workshop explores the potential of new ways to work - what tools and platforms are available and how to use them effectively. Take a look at our latest projects


Website Design with WordPress (Introduction and Advanced)

WordPress is arguably the world's most powerful and popular content management system for building websites. But how do you use it effectively to harness its power and make your website really stand out? We offer training sessions in getting started with WordPress (themes, page editing, user roles) as well as going deeper into more advanced areas such as search engine optimisation and custom database design. Take a look at some of our projects that incorporate web design


Digital Storytelling (Beginner and Advanced)

Aimed at writers/English/new media students - or anyone wanting to create online interactive stories that incorporate rich media (images, audio, video) and branching narratives - these workshops explore how to use Twine, a free online storytelling tool. We also offer more advanced training on how to create digital stories in Unity, one of the world's most powerful content creation tools. See examples of our digital stories


Producing Compelling Online Content

With many years experience designing websites and running social media campaigns, we're highly skilled at creating compelling online content. We love bringing brands to life or creating a new look for a project or organisation. This workshop explores best practices on making your online presence have maximum impact - and what free tools there are available to help you. See some of our current projects

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