Wintersett Reservoir

Wintersett Reservoir was originally constructed to supply the Barnsley CanalAt about 8km from the River Calder, the canal used to run near the Cold Hiendley reservoir.  The stretch from the Calder to Barnsley opened in 1799. The Wintersett Reservoir was enlarged in 1807. During World War 2 the reservoir was used as a decoy to distract enemy planes away from the villages. In 1941 a bomb was dropped at Wintersett and according to records only a rat and a cockerel died from it! The reservoir is now a valuable leisure and wildlife resource next to Haw Park Wood and Anglers Country ParkWintersett Reservoir has a great walking trail running along the western side of the water. There’s a car park at the northern end of the reservoir where you can start your walk. The trail runs through woodland passing the adjacent Cold Hiendley Reservoir on the way. There’s great views across the water to the lovely surrounding Yorkshire countryside. It’s easy to extend your walk by visiting Anglers Country Park just north of Wintersett.