Space and People

S.P.A.C.E.  (Space and People: How the Atmosphere is Created by the Environment in paediatric ED) is a research project working with University of Leicester and Leicester Royal Hospital exploring how the physical space, the aesthetics (smell, noise, lighting, signposting) and care processes influence parents’ and staff experience and interactions.

Category: Health and well-being   Client: University of Leicester (Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Fund)  Date: January – July 2019

The research explores how these factors influence safety critical communication i.e. how parents share concerns and staff’s ability to hear and respond.  The project also scopes the potential to enhance the urgent care assessment process and the experience of care for parents and staff in paediatric ED using technology

We have facilitated workshops with parents and medical staff, created prototype design solutions using technology and created storyboards that document the research journey.

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