Zero Gravity Lunar Library

As part of Wakefield’s ‘Museum of the Moon’ exhibition by Luke Jerram we have been awarded a grant to create an interactive Virtual Reality space adventure to the Moon.

Category: Digital Arts   Client: Wakefield Council   Date: June to September 2019

Working with Wakefield Libraries we will be finding out what people’s favourite books are that they’d take with them on a trip to the Moon. Our Zero Gravity Lunar Library will also showcase films we’re making about people’s relationship with the moon and uncover what Wakefield was like in the year 1969 when Apollo 11 made its historic mission. Expect spectacular visuals and a memorable immersive experience set on-board a space-shuttle version of Wakefield’s mobile library van.

Interested? Contribute here! Your contribution may well be included in our unique VR experience.

Keep up to date with the project by following #moonfestwakefield

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